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Welcome to the European Us Girls e-learning!

Start your journey here to learn about how you can engage female peer leaders in your sport setting and increase participation and opportunities in sport for women and girls.

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1. Overcoming barriers for women and girls in sport

Women and girls in sport
Benefits of volunteering
Volunteer life cycle
Under local context

2. The role of the female peer leader in sport

Benefits of peer leadership
International environment- strategic planning, goals
Role of the peer leader
Peer leader attributes
Responsibilities of an organisation

3. Peer leader recruitment and selection

Identifying peer leader
Motivation to become a peer leader
Selection process
Project aims
Barriers to peer leadership

4. Introduction and orientation for new peer leaders

Understanding participants needs
Levels of responsibility
Description of tasks
Relationship boundaries
Goal setting
How to organize induction session

5. Developing the skills of peer leaders and progression

Creating personal development plan
Developing skills and training opportunities
Training opportunities for peer leaders and CV building
Recognition and rewards

6. Providing support for peer leaders

Retention of peer leaders
Record keeping
Managing a team of peer leaders
Peer leaders support strategy
Peer leader progress, destinations, exit